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A short-lived brown to black vaginal discharge which resolves on its own and does not recur may not necessarily be anything serious.Several months ago I noticed a black,. recently my breast became tender like symptoms of a period and brown.Sorry to throw a spanner in the works.this is just me tho - I am 3 months after a miscarriage so its possible my body is all out of whack.Patient Information: Pharmacist Information: FAQs: About Zydus.Firstly if you have missed your pills and you are experiencing any symptoms then you should check if you are pregnant.Nipple discharge and irregular periods can both be indicators of cancer.

If you are not sexually active then an STI or pregnancy is not a consideration.

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Just checked and am 14 days until Im due but I still have the brown discharge after last night, even though he was relatively gentle with me.Originally Posted by Gingersnaps Ah sorry, I see you only wanted to be told it is nothing to worry about.

Black or Tarry Stools from Cancer vs - Scary Symptoms

These infections may be sexually transmitted like gonorrhea and chlamydia, commonly caused by rectal bacteria like E.coli or due to overgrowth of the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina (vaginosis).Other sources have said this is normal but its been getting darker and darker and this time its like black sludge.An ulceration of the reproductive tract may cause bleeding and if the outflow is restricted or complicated with pelvic inflammatory disease (infection) then there may be a dark brown to black vaginal bleed usually presenting as spotting.It should not be brown to black and if it is then it needs to be investigated further.Emma Hi, I am on the Nuvaring, and I had to take it out in order to have my period 96 hours ago, but my period only started today.

At first it was like spotting but then when I put a pad on the flow is barely heavier.This problem started about 2 weeks before I was suppose to start my period.It is also possible that this could be linked to a urinary tract infection (UTI), especially if you have been experiencing urinary symptoms like frequent urination and burning when urinating.At first I thought it was my period coming one week early, but it has not stopped, lessened or increased.Uterine and cervical cancer are more likely causes in this regard.It is advisable to look into this further especially with serious conditions like cervical cancer presenting with a brown discharge.Normal cramping, a bit swollen in the abdomen nothing unusual there.A normal period for me is 4 to 5 days of heavyish bleeding and bad cramps on the first day.

The Many Colors Of Your Menstrual Rainbow, Explained. which is why you might begin your period with blood that looks more like tar than.Only once these possibilities are excluded then cervical cancer would be considered.They do not reflect the opinions of and they have not been reviewed by a physician, psychologist or parenting expert or any member of the staff for accuracy, balance or objectivity.It is therefore possible that this is an entirely separate condition which needs to be diagnosed and treated.

It could be the onset of menopause but it is difficult to say for sure.I am now a sophomore year in college and my period is either just black blood clots or brown.And if this is not my regular menses, is been two weeks, my menses has not arrive.

So I have been under a lot of stress for the past couple of months and I missed my period because of it.The brown discharge that followed it may also point towards an infection of the reproductive organs.As you know the oral contraceptive is not 100% effective and if you have missed a pill or anything of the sort then you could have fallen pregnant.Dray My 16 year old daughter has had her period since she was 11 and still only gets her period about 3-4 times a year.A gynecologist will conduct the necessary tests and it is possible that there is nothing to worry about.One wants to do a biopsy of the vulva to see if its poosible HPV and the other doctor wants to do a scraping of the womb.The main reason why blood may appear these colors is due to degradation of the blood cells either due to exposure to air (oxidation) over time, the action of bacterial enzymes or exposure of blood to certain chemicals that may cause rapid degradation and discoloration.There are other possibly causes relating to anatomical abnormalities of the uterus, cervix or vagina but these are usually present from birth (congenital).I am on the pill, and my partner and I have unprotected sex regularly.

Black bleeding can occur for various reasons as mentioned in the article above and this may or may not be related to the IUD removal.

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Gastrointestinal Bleeding. By. unless the only sign of bleeding is black stool or blood on the toilet. like aspirin, Aleve and Advil don.GLORIA hello I have gone ten weeks without a period so I thought I was finally going into menopause.