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While the indications for cardioversion in atrial fibrillation are widely communicated in the literature, the procedure itself is seldom described.The American Heart Association explains the procedures for afib that do not require surgery, such as Electrical cardioversion, Radiofrequency ablation or catheter.

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If medicines bring back your normal rhythm, you may not need electrical cardioversion.The most common indications for synchronized cardioversion are unstable atrial fibrillation,.

Atrial Fibrillation Controversies - rate control vs rhythm control, The Aggressive Ottawa Protocol, stroke risk stratification, CHADS Score w Clare Atzema.Complete free continuing medical education and professional development courses.Your doctor can tell you about creams to make your skin feel better.The restoration (cardioversion) of sinus rhythm is performed in many patients with atrial fibrillation to improve symptoms.Unstable patients, in whom atrial fibrillation is associated with significant.Study Questions: What is the risk of thromboembolism after cardioversion within 48 hours of atrial fibrillation (AF) onset in patients therapeutically versus not.

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Here are some good questions to ask: Will I still need to take medicine for my abnormal heart rhythms.

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In atrial fibrillation, very fast, irregular electrical signals move through both of the upper chambers of your heart.Most often, cardioversion is used to treat atrial fibrillation or.For a few days after electrical cardioversion, the skin on your chest and back may be irritated where the paddles were placed.If the clot (embolus) travels to your brain, it can cause a stroke.

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Quick facts Arrhythmias may prevent blood from circulating properly to your heart and brain.


You can visit with family members right away, but you may feel sleepy for several hours.

Cardioversion may knock loose a blood clot in your left atrium.Cardioversion from atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm should be considered for suitable patients as an alternative to leaving the patient in a cardiac arrhythmia and.

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General treatment goals for symptomatic atrial flutter are similar to those for atrial fibrillation and include the following.

Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is an abnormal heart rhythm characterized by rapid and irregular beating.

Atrial fibrillation is a typically a symptomatic supraventricular tachycardia that increases the risk of stroke with medical options of medical therapy and catheter. - Can Afib Be Managed?

Cardioversion or defibrillation is also used in emergency situations for people who suffer sudden life threatening arrhythmias.The most common use of cardioversion is to treat atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.Unless your doctor has told you not to, take your usual medicines on the morning of your cardioversion.Atrial fibrillation is the most common sustained arrhythmia in clinical practice.

In atrial fibrillation, restoring and maintaining a normal heart rhythm is both difficult and potentially risky, but is often the better approach to treatment.Heart Rhythm Disorders Thromboembolic Complications After Cardioversion of Acute Atrial Fibrillation The FinCV (Finnish CardioVersion) Study K. E. Juhani Airaksinen.

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But others feel: A very fast heartbeat Short of breath Very tired Cardioversion also treats other kinds of abnormal heartbeats, including atrial flutter, atrial tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia.